Diet Plans

We discuss all the popular diet plans including the GI diet, cambridge diet and atkins diet plans for safe fast weight loss combining balanced foods, nutrients and vitamins. Read on to find out.

Healthy Diet Plans

diet plans GI diet atkins dietA diet is normally followed for a person to lose weight effectively to lead a healthy lifestyle.

If you simply ate the recommended 5 a day fruit and vegetables and the right combination of carbohydrates, proteins and fats in your daily diet with 30 minutes of exercise 3 times a week, you would not need to restrict what you could eat because you would be healthy anyway.

However, today's environment is fairly unhealthy so men and women chose to follow various diet plans to lose some weight mainly before Christmas or the holiday season so they can feel good about themselves, look and be thinner and get into clothes they couldn't before. Some of the most common plans on the market today are:

Of course some people need to restrict their diet because of health reasons and there are various tests a pharmacy can undertake to see if your body is alergic to any foods that may be causing health problems.

If you mix exercise and a balanced diet together then you have all the right ingredients for a healthy lifestyle.

Check out which diet plan may be for you by using the dieting links on the left hand side of this page.

Most diets fall into several categories and are a play on a theme, these include:

It's best to read up and see if any of these diet plans are for you. Always speak to your Doctor before beginning any change to your lifestyle and do not make sudden changes. Once undertaken, you can put them to the test !. Good luck in your weight loss and let us know your success stories.

Fast Weight Loss Dieting

Your diet should be about your health. The basic rules are:

If you have any questions you should seek specialist advice.